We believe it is you, the trial lawyer, who stands as the final line of defense against those companies and corporations hell bent on denying U.S. consumers access to the civil justice system. You are not just your client’s protector, but collectively you are our protectors as well. To that end, Law Father will only work with attorneys who understand this and who are willing to include Consumer Protection as a visible part of their marketing efforts. We believe that positive societal change is still possible, and we want to be part of.

After 10 years in your service, we have learned a few things about who our ideal clients are and what makes a law firm successful. While marketing best practices remain important, it is also important that our values and your values be aligned, so that together we work with the highest sense of purpose and mission. It is not good enough for anyone at Law Father to come to work, do their work, and go home. First and foremost, they must believe in their work and they must be committed to what you do for all of us.

To learn more about what makes a partnership with Law Father successful, and what makes a law firm successful, visit the “Do You Share Our Most Successful Clients’ Values?” section on our homepage. If you feel the way we do, then contact us and lets get to work on something important and incredible!



Mission Statement

Law Father increases a law firm's profitability by increasing the number of quality cases a law firm has, providing case development tools that reduce the time cases take to cycle, and employing state-of-the-art trial support that helps jurors recognize the true value of personal injury claims.

  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Pride
  • Efficiency


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