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Now more than ever we are a visually oriented, fast-paced culture dependent upon dynamic media to show us what we need to know. We have come to expect that the information we need to make important decisions will be presented to us in compelling, quick and efficient ways. Law Father multimedia trial support is the most effective way to show juries the true value of almost any claim.

Law Father has offices in Denver, CO and Portland, OR. Our courtroom multimedia services are currently available for trials throughout the states of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Law Father can deliver your message to juries in a way they will understand and believe. Law Father has all of the courtroom multimedia tools your law firm needs to present your case in the most clear and concise manner. And as more and more members of the last few generations enter our jury pools, it is absolutely necessary to engage them in the ways they’ve become accustomed to learning.



Custom 3D Animations and Accident Recreations



Partial List of Courtroom Equipment Available for Rental:
– 3500-5000 Lumen Projectors
– ELMO Digital Document Cameras
– Projection Screens ( 7 x 7 ft. & 8 x 8 ft.)
– 70″ HD LED Television Screens
– 55″ HD LED Television Screens
– 22″ HD Table Top Monitors
– Courtroom Surround Sound Audio
– Laptops & DVD Players
– Mobile Internet Hotspot
– Apple TV
– iPads
– TrialDirector & TrialPad Software

Law Father trial support ensures that you set the tone and pace of your case rather than waiting for everyone else to get caught up. With our multimedia trial support tools there is absolutely no reason to wait for multiple parties to open binders and kill your momentum as everyone tries to get on the same page. We make your exhibits and demonstratives available immediately and on full HD resolution screens so that none of your message is ever buried or lost. And when opposing counsel chooses not to show their case in this most effective manner, it is YOUR message that becomes most memorable.

timelines for trial courtroom


Graphic Timelines and Posterboards for Trial



Law Father provides a number of amazing trial support products that can help you make a significant and meaningful impact on a jury’s perspective. Our services include:

Multimedia Equipment Rental | In-Court Staff Support | Deposition Video Taping | Deposition Video Editing | TrialLine Case Timelines | Demonstrative Development | 3D Computer Animations

If you are ready to make a remarkable and valuable impact on your jury, get your case on Law Father’s calendar today! Call 800.325.7715 for a case consultation. Law Father has offices in both Denver, CO and Portland, OR.

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