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Our law firm SEO services include back link development, practice area content development, blog writing services, video production and distribution, social network customization and marketing, press releases, custom infographics, local business directory placement and maintenance, mobile website development, and so much more. At Law Father we know that there are very specific tasks that must be accomplished to have a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for your law firm. That is why our monthly SEO subscriptions are all inclusive. If the search engines view an item as important for building outstanding page authority, then we include it in your law firm SEO program. We do not attempt to sell you a cheap ‘base’ program and then ‘up-sell’ you from there. We do anything and everything that is necessary to generate more clients for your law firm through the internet.

Content Development

attorney search engine optimizationYou may have heard the phrase “Content is King,” and it is no joke. Content consists of all those words, sentences, paragraphs, pictures, and videos you have in your website. The more developed your content is, the better the chance is that a search engine will rank your law firm website higher. The real goal of a search engine is to provide the internet searcher with the best possible web resource for the search string the web user has entered. That is why when you search “hamburger” you find restaurants and when you search “divorce attorney” you find a lawyer. Very rarely do the two both show up in one return. To be successful online you have to write and create content that matches the search strings people using to try and find you. Law Father will research and find the best search strings to use in your content. You have to have content that reflects how potential clients think and speak, which is very rarely the same as the legalese used around the office.

Search Engine Optimization

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Law Father is proud to be a Google Agency Partner.

If you have a legal website, but do not get any phone calls from it, you are learning the hard way how important search engine optimization is. Search engine optimization refers to some of the technical aspects of building a legal website correctly, and the importance of keyword rich content development. Search engines read the programming (html) of a website. They look for page titles, meta data, meta descriptions, and keywords placed in specific spots and in specific formats. This is part of how they decide what your website is about and its appropriate placement in the search returns. New and existing legal websites must be search engine optimized if they are going to have a chance of getting a potential client’s attention. Search engine optimization can also refer to the things you do outside of your site to bring it to a search engine’s attention. These things include organic back links, blogs, and many of the other items listed on our website. We do SEO for many different types of law firms, including search engine optimization for personal injury law firms, criminal defense attorneys, divorce lawyers, bankruptcy law firms, medical malpractice attorneys, and many more.

Organic Backlink Development

Backlinks are those hyperlinks that link back to your legal website from websites other than your own. You can develop backlinks in one of two ways. You can pay for links to appear on other random websites (known as “link farms”) or you can develop links on your own by means of blogging, article submissions, business directory submissions, and developing content on social networks. Backlinks on web pages with Google PageRank give your site more value in the eyes of the search engines. Part of Google’s algorithm for ranking websites is based on their assessment of how many web pages a user would have to visit to eventually land on yours. The more high value organic backlinks you can develop, the higher you should expect your PageRank to be. Law Father can work with you to place information about your firm all over the web, linking back to your website and generating more clients through the internet.

Law Firm Article Submissions

There are many outlets online that will collect and publish your articles. These websites also make your articles available for use in industry newsletters and other media. Article writing is similar to writing for your blog, and in fact you can use exactly what you have written for your blog for submission to these online article outlets. Submitting articles is another great way to increase your web presence and increase your organic backlinks.

Law Firm Business Directory Submissions

As the internet continues to grow, more and more business directories have appeared to help web surfers find the information they are looking for. Submitting your law firm’s website to these directories is an excellent way to build organic backlinks to your legal website. Law Father has an extensive list of business directories your legal website can be submitted to, improving your overall pagerank.

Attorney Legal Blogs

Most attorneys that invest time and money into their websites do so to generate new clients and cases from individuals searching for an attorney on the internet. One area that generates a lot of cases and clients is outside attorney referrals. What most lawyers forget to do with their legal websites is to also use them as a way for lawyers from outside states to find them for possible case referrals. So how can you as an attorney get more outside attorney referrals from your webpage? Add a blog on your homepage that is focused directly to other lawyers. Look for legal news in your state and comment on it from an attorney’s perspective. You can talk about different areas of the case, why some things worked and why some didn’t, and your own ideas for handling a similar case in the future. This will help other lawyers from other jurisdictions find you when they do very narrow, issue specific web searches for information about your jurisdiction. Law Father can build any number of blogs to be included on your webpage and to improve your overall professional presence online. Visit our Legal Marketing Blog .

RSS Legal News Feeds

RSS news feeds are feeds from your website that people can actually subscribe to with their news readers. Law Father can turn your legal blog into an RSS feed to deliver important information about your practice all over the internet. RSS feeds turn your blog posts into headlines and provide real time updates to those interested in the issues faced at your law firm. RSS feeds are great for attracting referrals from other attorneys out of state who share your same practice areas and passion. Law Father can configure and deliver RSS feeds to and from your website and distribute them at news outlets all over the internet.

Law Firm Website Templates

For the attorney in a hurry, we have over 85 legal website templates to choose from. These are great for quickly finding a starting point that you and our designers can work from. If you have some ideas and a style all your own, we can work from the ground up to build you a legal website that fits you and your law firm. Just let us know what works best for you.

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Website & Email Hosting

Take Advantage of Total Tech Support
Law Father can host your legal website as well as serve your email. From one person firms to those with hundreds, Law Father can manage your information needs.

Since no two law firms are the same, please call Law Father to discuss the the web and email hosting and tech support package that is right for you. Packages start at just $70.00/month!

Let us show you why our own clients keep recommending Law Father. Contact us today to discuss how Law Father can take the worry out of web and email hosting! Get a free initial consultation by calling 1(800) 325-7715.

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A custom built legal website by Law Father, combined with an on-going marketing program can have a tremendous impact on your caseload in a very short amount of time. Using the latest search engine optimization techniques (SEO), Law Father codes your law firm’s website so it’s ready to move into the top law firm search returns of search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Monthly Law Firm SEO

Through our on-going SEO programs we have successfully increased the search return rankings of our clients by writing keyword rich content, developing effective pay-per-click marketing campaigns, improving HTML search engine optimization, incorporating web video into a legal website, blogging, and many more proven techniques. Having an on-going monthly SEO program is the first important step in proving to the search engines that your website is a valuable legal resource online and should be put in front of people looking for a lawyer online.

Over 50% of Internet Search is Mobile

Don’t miss out on valuable leads because your website is not cross compatible. All new Law Father designs include Responsive Coding – so that your site can be viewed seamlessly on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Generate New Case Leads

All new Law Father websites are built with the latest SEO best practices in mind. Make it easier for potential clients to find you online. Hosting & On-Going Maintenance Law Father can migrate and host your current website or your brand new website. We can also provide site updates. Law Father is proud to be a Google Agency Partner.

Let us show you why our own clients keep recommending Law Father. Contact us today to discuss how Law Father can take the worry out of web design and online marketing! Just call 1(800) 325-7715 or contact us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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