Video Settlement BrochuresTM

We have helped our attorneys recover tens of millions of dollars in settlements for their clients.

video-settlement-brochureThe name says it all! The Video Settlement Brochure is a video documentary and story telling tool that is designed to settle cases faster and with higher values. Produced specifically with the insurance adjuster in mind, these VSBs are created to yield the maximum settlement amount for your client.

The Video Settlement BrochureTM is an emotional and effective call to action to insurance adjusters and opposing counsel. More and more of us are captivated by what we see on television, and legal professionals are no different. Video Settlement BrochuresTM allow you to tell your client’s story thoroughly and in a manner that engages opposing counsel. Video Settlement BrochuresTM also provide an opportunity to settle disputes quickly by presenting relevant evidence and information sequentially and completely.

Law Father Video Settlement BrochureTM producers come from news outlets such as NBC and Fox and know how to compel viewers to see things from an alternative point of view.

A Video Settlement BrochureTM is a video compilation of evidence related to your case. It can include video interviews from victims, experts, and witnesses as well as others who have been affected by the case. It can contain television and newspaper press coverage. Our videographers can spend time with your client or your client’s family and document the changes that have occurred in their lives as a result of the case. Law Father can also include police reports, photos, animations, footage from an incident scene, and any other documentable information related to the case into your Video Settlement BrochureTM.

video-cameraLaw Father Video Settlement BrochuresTM are edited in a style similar to a “60 Minutes” television news documentary.

Video Settlement BrochuresTM are emotionally impactful. They present a clearer picture to insurance adjusters and opposing counsel of the case you are preparing.

Video Settlement BrochuresTM can result in higher settlement offers much faster than traditional piece by piece case building. Call 800.325.7715 today to learn more.


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