Brochure Design for Law Firms

It is almost a given that law firms have a website, however it is important to remember that having a website for your firm does not relieve you of the obligation to maintain certain other marketing strategies.  While many of your clients will be tech-savvy, even those who are entirely comfortable getting their information through your website will appreciate something tangible, in their hand, to take away from your meeting. Those who are not so tech-savvy, will appreciate a brochure even more.

Introducing Your Law Firm with Your Brochure

If you consider your website an introduction to your firm, you can look at a print brochure in much the same way—as an introduction to your firm and your attorneys. The “real” information, if you will, comes from the subsequent discussions you will have with clients, however first impressions matter, and getting those clients could hinge on your initial introduction.

At Law Father, our team of designers and writers can produce your law firm’s brochures quickly and efficiently. We will craft compelling copy that will grab the reader and design a brochure that will showcase your firm and what makes you stand out above the rest. Whether its tri-fold, Z-fold, book fold, corporate, or electronic brochures, we can create unique brochures to target your market effectively.

Fresh, New Legal Brochures

A law firm brochure should be professional and informative—but not so detailed that you find yourself constantly tossing out dated brochures and having more printed up. Particularly if you are operating on a limited advertising budget, you will want to remember that law offices move, attorneys join the firm and leave the firm, and, in some instances, law firms merge. Could your law firm’s brochure withstand those types of changes?

Having a digital version of your brochure as well as a printed version is critical, as it allows for quick modifications. Always leave “room to grow” in your brochure for changes mentioned above, as well as for adding current information.

Getting Your Message Across Through Your Legal Brochure

To ensure your brochure will actually be read, pick up a brochure from another firm in your area, and imagine you are a prospective client. How soon did you stop reading? Did you get a sense of what you would receive as a client fairly quickly? Did you think the brochure seemed boring and dated, or did it pique your interest and make you think “This is the law firm for me”? 

In the end, if you don’t have a brochure, you are sending prospective clients a message that says you don’t find them all that important. If you do have a brochure, but it looks cheap or hastily thrown together, you are possibly sending an even more damaging message. Keep it relatively simple, attractive, and use relevant photographs rather than the stock photo of a gavel or a legal library. (Think about your community and include photographs which are relevant to those who live in your community). Your law firm’s brochure can be an incredibly important piece of your overall marketing strategy, so don’t overlook its value!

Generate New Case Leads

All new Law Father brochures are designed with your clients in mind. We customize and design each brochure to not only showcase your law firm, but also to target the clients YOU want.

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