Multimedia Trial Equipment Rental

The Courtroom Tools You Need to Make Your Case

multimedia trial supportIf you are looking to make a memorable impact on your jury, Law Father can put the latest courtroom technology at your fingertips. Law Father has the highest quality cutting-edge courtroom multimedia equipment available for rental. We can even deliver, set-up and tear-down. You can even hire Law Father staff to run your entire trial presentation.

Law Father has offices in Denver, CO and Portland, OR. Our courtroom multimedia services are currently available for trials throughout the states of Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

If your law firm requires it, we can train you or your law firm staff on how to use our equipment or you can hire Law Father’s professional in-court trial support staff to run it all. Law Father’s multimedia trial equipment rentals ensure you have everything you need to make a meaningful impact on a jury.

We rent:

  • Large HD Monitors
  • Table Top HD Monitors
  • Projectors
  • Projection Screens
  • Digital Document Viewers
  • ELMOs
  • Audio set-ups and more.

courtroom tevevision monitorAll of Law Father’s courtroom equipment can be rented per piece and per day or included in one of our Total Courtroom Coverage Packages. Just call Law Father to discuss your needs and pricing.

Law Father can also provide in-court internet access and coordinate live video courtroom testimony. Call Law Father today and speak with one of our courtroom technology experts. Call 800.325.7715.


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