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Not all that long ago print advertising was possibly the most powerful strategy a law firm had at their disposal to spread their legal marketing message. Then along came the Internet, and many law firms let their print advertising methods dwindle down to nothing, in favor of a firm website and a legal blog. Is there still room for print media for law firms — the kind clients can hold in their hand, reading and re-reading — or is it time to move on?

When you are allocating your marketing budget, don’t discount print media, including lawyer brochures, law firm banners, attorney flyers, postcards, billboards, directories and magazine and trade publication ads. Billboards, while offering serious advantages (particularly in high-traffic areas), typically have a short “shelf-life,” of about 4-6 weeks, and location is everything for an attorney billboard ad. Also, some attorneys have garnered good results with “moving” billboards, such as those on the sides of trains and buses.

Print Advertising—Alive and Well

Yes, print advertising is still alive and well for the legal industry for a variety of reasons, one of the most important being the professionalism conveyed by print media. Clients still judge lawyers and doctors on a different level than most other professions, therefore still respect and appreciate a law firm’s print ad in a trade publication, or classy brochure. Brand development and awareness of your brand are another major reason to continue using a portion of your advertising budget for print media. As you are probably well-aware, the legal industry is a crowded market—particularly in a larger city. Since as much as 70 percent of the impact of marketing is based on increasing brand awareness, print media should never be overlooked.

The Goal of Print Media Advertising

Your goal, with your print media advertising, is to literally sear your brand into the minds of those who see it. Obviously, you will also include your firm’s web address on all print media, but your immediate goal is to develop your brand to the point that your print media really sticks in the minds of prospective clients. You might be surprised to know that while attorney online advertising may be flourishing, a recent cross-media study found that print media actually delivers one of the best returns for your investment—in some cases, as high as 120 percent.

Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck from Print Media Advertising

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you get a good ROI from your print media advertising, such as:

  • Keep your message simple and direct, and keep it focused on the client, rather than your firm;
  • Consider a message with an emotional appeal;
  • Focus on your local community;
  • Keep your message consistent throughout your print and online advertising;
  • Don’t view print media as competition for your online marketing, rather as complementary to online advertising;
  • Be realistic about the time you will need to advertise before you see results, and
  • Remember that it is easier to miss an e-mail reminder than a postcard.

Although many people believe print media is dead, there are, and will always be, those who vastly prefer a printed brochure, newspaper, book or magazine in their hand over the Internet, and attorneys must continue to use a portion of their advertising budgets in the print media area.

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