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Day-in-the-Life Videos communicate the daily struggles your clients face.

These captivating videos are critical for highlighting the real day-to-day impact of a client’s injuries to an adjuster, mediator or jury, and are highly effective tools for communicating the struggles your client routinely faces. They show objectively how a person’s injury has impacted their life by capturing their daily routine, and documenting difficult everyday activities. They can also show rehabilitation appointments, assistance from caretakers, the effect of the injury on family life, and any other specifics that may pertain to an individual’s case.

Telling the Story

Typically these videos do not include any pre-recorded commentary, and are narrated from the witness stand during a trial. This personal narration by the injured victim creates a strong emotional connection between the struggles viewed on screen, and the person speaking on the stand. Also, a time stamp is embedded within the video to precisely document when each event is taking place.

Day-in-the-Life videos are very effective tools for showing an audience an objective snap shot of someones life, their daily struggles, the impact their injury has had on their ability to perform what were once routine functions, as well as what the impact has been on their family and loved ones.

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