Law Firm Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Law Father Can Evaluate & Improve Your Law Firm’s Current Paid Search Campaign

PPC-1-smThe best law firm PPC management company is the company that can successfully do two things. First, deploy a pay-per-click strategy that gets your law firm to the very top of the sponsored listings, making sure you get the first chance to speak with potential clients. And second, deploying a pay-per-click strategy that achieves the highest amount of quality clicks for the least amount of dollars. If you are new to PPC advertising, then you may be surprised to learn that the legal industry is one of the most expensive industries to buy pay-per-click advertising for. In fact, Law Father estimates Google’s legal advertising revenue to be in the neighborhood of $1-2 billion annually. If you are budget conscience, then the best way to stretch your PPC dollars is to hire a law firm SEO company that can demonstrate expertise at two tasks: 1.) Researching and uncovering the keywords consumers actually use to find attorneys online, and 2.) Writing outstanding legal content around those keywords that creates landing pages with the highest Adwords quality scores possible. For years Law Father has proven our expertise at both tasks – generating new clients for our clients all of the time. Contact Law Father today for a FREE Law Firm PPC Management Consultation.

Our Team is Google Adwords Qualified | You Can Trust Our PPC Management

Our PPC team is Google Adwords Qualified. To become Google Adwords Qualified, an employee must pay for, complete, and pass a series of rigorous exams compiled and administered by the Google company. While anyone can set-up and attempt a Google pay-per-click marketing campaign, few can claim the right to carry the Google Adwords Qualified Badge. The purpose of the Google Adwords certification program is to improve the knowledge and practical application of Adwords for individuals and agencies. The exams cover online advertising fundamentals as well as advanced level specializations such as mobile display, deep analysis, and reporting.

Is a PPC Campaign Right for Your Law Firm?

We offer law firm PPC management because paid search marketing can be an important driver of timely traffic to your website. Unlike organic search engine optimization, paid search marketing can instantly put your law firm’s marketing message on the first page of the search returns. This is because you are paying for first page placement, rather than taking the time to build first page placement through traditional SEO. But this first page placement comes at a significant cost. Law Father has seen Google PPC ads located at the top of the first page of the search returns cost between $50-$120 per click! And be mindful that this cost does not guarantee you one new client. It simply guarantees you one new visitor. Law Father organic SEO campaigns cost between $1 and $5 per visitor, depending on the competitiveness of your practice area and the population of your market.

As you consider a law firm PPC management consultation with Law Father, it is important to think about and answer the following questions:

Are you self-managing your current PPC campaign and concerned that a lack of expertise is costing your law firm important marketing dollars?

Do you have a time sensitive legal issue and need to reach consumers immediately? Such as a product defect or drug recall issue?

Does your marketing budget allow for some significant start-up costs that would allow you to execute a PPC campaign while at the same time building up your organic SEO campaign?

Do your geography and practice areas create a unique opportunity to drive low-cost traffic to your law firm through the deployment of a niche PPC campaign?

Does your current marketing budget allow for a PPC campaign aimed at reinforcing your organic SEO program and your law firm’s brand?

Turn Clicks into Clients | Contact Law Father Today to Accelerate the Success of Your PPC Marketing

Law Father can evaluate and improve your current PPC campaign or launch a brand new search engine marketing program from scratch. Law Father has a low agency fee and low start-up fees, no hidden costs, and a proven track record of online marketing excellence. Law Father only works with lawyers, so we have expert knowledge of the legal search space. We can have a new PPC program implemented almost instantly. For a free consultation, and to get all of your questions answered, call our PPC experts at (800) 325-7715 or contact us through the contact form on this webpage.


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