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Far too many law firms fail to see the importance of branding and a recognizable, unique law firm logo design. The message these firms are sending to their prospective clients can be inconsistent, with little to no separation from other attorneys in their area/specialty. In other words, while you may be able to “get by” without a logo and branding, your law firm is unlikely to ever penetrate your potential clients’ psyche and build a practice that can instantly be recognized through a symbol of professionalism and trust.

Particularly if you practice in a city where there are many attorneys for consumers to choose from, standing out from the crowd is essential. A person who needs an attorney may flip through social media, ask their friends, or search Google. At Law Father, we know that no matter how people go about finding an attorney, research shows they are much more likely to choose a law firm they believe they have either heard of or seen before. A compelling logo can help you rise above the rest of your competition.

Think About the Rule of Seven

logo design company for lawyersYou may have heard of the “rule of seven,” which states prospects must come across your offer a minimum of seven times prior to making the decision to take action. However, if you are talking about law firm Internet advertising only, that number could be much higher. In either case, consumers must see your firm logo design multiple times prior to making the decision to contact you. If that logo is constantly changing (even if you only change the color or type), the rule of seven quickly evaporates. Your logo should be absolutely consistent, therefore it is very important that you put a lot of thought into your logo in order to avoid any changes down the line.

Branding is Not Optional!

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Branding is just as important as your law firm’s logo design, and while some may consider it optional, it is an absolute necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Your brand not only impacts your business, it affects your ability to increase revenues, and, like your logo, allows prospective clients to notice you—to really stand out from the crowd. Many think of branding as simply the name of the law firm and the firm’s logo, however branding is so much more (although a strong logo is absolutely a part of the branding).

At Law Father, we can take your law firm logo design to the next level with unique and powerful logos and branding. law firm logo designWe identify your target audience and use creative and distinctive designs to create a strong and unique brand that differentiates you from your competitors. Let us show you why our own clients keep recommending Law Father. Contact us today to discuss how Law Father can take your law firm marketing to new heights. Get a free initial consultation by calling 1(800) 325-7715.

Obey Clarence Darrow Law FatherLaw firm logo design pricing starts at $799.00 and can be included as part of your new law firm’s website design or a law firm brochure design package. Law firm logos will be delivered in layered, large format 300+ DPI format for use both online and in print. If you are already working with a printing company, we are happy to work with them directly to deliver a logo to their exact specifications. If you do not already have a printer, feel free to take advantage of LawFather’s print services! We can walk you through paper, stock and quality to deliver exactly what you need! Just call 800.325.7715 today, or contact us through the form at the bottom of this page.

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