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seoImgLaw Father can have a tremendous impact on your case load in a very short amount of time. Using the ver y latest search engine optimization techniques (SEO), Law Father works hard to place your legal website in the law firm returns of search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. We have successfully increased the search return rankings of our clients by writing keyword rich content, developing effective pay-per-click marketing campaigns, improving HTML search engine optimization, incorporating web video into a legal website, blogging, and many more effective techniques.

Organic Backlink Development

Backlinks are those hyperlinks that link back to your legal website from websites other than your own. You can develop back links in one of two ways. You can pay for links to appear on other random websites (known as “link farms”) or you can develop links on your own by means of blogging, article submissions, business directory submissions, and developing content on social networks. Backlinks on web pages with Google PageRank give your site more value in the eyes of the search engines. Part of Google’s algorithm for ranking websites is based on their assessment of how many web pages a user would have to visit to eventually land on yours. The more high value organic backlinks you can develop, the higher you should expect your PageRank to be. Law Father can work with you to place information about your firm all over the web, linking back to your website and generating more clients through the internet.

Content Development

You may have heard the phrase “Content is King,” and it is no joke. Content consists of all those words, sentences, paragraphs, pictures, and videos you have in your website. The more developed your content is, the better the chance is that a search engine will rank your law firm website higher. The real goal of a search engine is to provide the internet searcher with the best possible web resource for the search string the web user has entered. That is why when you search “hamburger” you find restaurants and when you search “divorce attorney” you find a lawyer. Very rarely do the two both show up in one return. To be successful online you have to write and create content that matches the search strings people using to try and find you. Law Father will research and find the best search strings to use in your content. You have to have content that reflects how potential clients think and speak, which is very rarely the same as the legalese used around the office.

Search Engine Optimization

If you have a legal website, but do not get any phone calls from it, you are learning the hard way how important search engine optimization is. Search engine optimization refers to some of the technical aspects of building a legal website correctly, and the importance of keyword rich content development. Search engines read the programming (html) of a website. They look for page titles, meta data, meta descriptions, and keywords placed in specific spots and in specific formats. This is part of how they decide what your website is about and its appropriate placement in the search returns. New and existing legal websites must be search engine optimized if they are going to have a chance of getting a potential clients attention. attorneys, and many more.


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