For most consumers, they need to see your logo 8-10 times before they start to recognize it. Incorporating your logo into video improves that retention by nearly 75%.
Consumers will recognize your law firm faster when your law firm’s logo is embedded in video. The theory behind this recent finding is that when a person sees a still image, the brain first tries to see if it recognizes it, and then decides if it needs to store it. In most cases, your brain chooses to disregard pretty much everything you see. The mind is a wonderful curator of what’s important and what is not and uses that limited space in your skull wisely. 

However, with video, your brain is instantly engaged by the movement (perhaps from our caveman days of constantly being on the lookout for enemies lurking in the bushes). When your logo is embedded in a video, your brain is forced to use that logo as an anchor point for understanding all of the action that surrounds it. You do the same thing in a “danger” situation – you see a tree standing still in the forest and you use it to judge the speed and movement of everything else happening behind it. Thus, the outcome is that your brain sees the logo and your brain decides it’s important to store it because it may come in handy at some point in the future (when there’s another disturbance in the forest). 

The lesson for you is that if you’re doing social media marketing (the place where most consumers watch 6.5 hours of video a week!), your efforts could be greatly accelerated by incorporating video as a permanent part of your online marketing strategy. Consumers will come to recognize your brand faster, and in the long run, it will cost less money to get them to think of you when they have a legal issue. 
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Incorporate your logo into the lower right side of every video. Keep it there the entire time. Social media videos should have your most important movement or text block first. Don’t build up a piece of content to a climax. Climax and then wind down.

Always tell the viewer exactly what you want them to do (and be specific)! i.e. “Call us for a pain free phone consultation.”, “Email us for a free review of your auto policy.” “Talk to our lawyers about your landlord’s responsibilities to you!” – Whatever the content of the video, address it specifically and head on and then have a specific call to action.

Limit social feed videos to 30 seconds and include a link to longer videos or informative text pages in your post. If you can get a potential client off social media and into your own website, you will have a lot more opportunities to collect their information and convert them. So put the same strong calls to action in your post text and promise potential clients that if they’ll just click over to your website, all their free legal information dreams will come true!

Don’t let perfection get in the way of production. Even if it’s you holding your own phone, produce-produce-produce! Never forget that every single day, you posses the answer to a legal question that one of your potential clients has. If they don’t know that you know what they need to know, they won’t know to call yo — you!

Know your #hashtags. If you don’t already have a large social following understand that #hashtags are how people will find you for free. Hashtags are today’s search strings. They are what potential clients use to find relevant information within social media. Post as many meaningful hashtags as you can with every video post you create. If you’re not doing this, you’re wasting a lot more of your time and not growing your potential client pool as fast as you should.

You don’t have to prepare anything. Just tell us “GO!”

We know where your time is best spent, and that ain’t marketing. We also know how consumers looking for an attorney behave online. We’ve conducted endless focus groups and surveys on the subject. Law Father is THE company other people quote when they want to discuss new discoveries in online marketing for attorneys. When you hire Law Father, we take care of everything – so you can keep your time focused on settling cases.
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