Cause Marketing for Law Firms

Cause marketing is, essentially, the cooperative effort between a for-profit business, and a not-for-profit business, for the mutual benefit of both businesses. Cause marketing is a relatively new field but one that can reap dividends for law firms looking to rise above the competition in their community and create instant brand recognition.

Consumers More Likely to Switch Brands if One is Aligned with a Charitable Cause

Did you know that more than three-quarters (87 percent) of consumers are likely to switch brands (law firms, in this case) if one brand is aligned with a charitable cause? Cause marketing can involve any number of public awareness campaigns, charities, schools, or other non-profit organizations. At Law Father, we can help your firm identify the charitable causes that would be the best match for you. With just one well-run cause marketing campaign, your firm can expect to increase brand loyalty, boost employee morale, and increase your client base.

How will Teaming up With a Not-for-Profit Help My Firm?

Your question may be just how your law firm (the for-profit business) benefits from teaming up with a not-for profit. In fact, cause marketing is an underused and often unappreciated marketing tool which generates enormous levels of visibility for a law firm. Designated groups of prospects are targeted, and a useful database is built in the process. Cause marketing also underscores a law firm’s branding by promoting goodwill in a manner which, while working toward the firm’s marketing objectives, does not do so in an obvious, “hard” salesmanship way.

Take a Look at Your Immediate Community When Looking for a Not-for-Profit

Many law firms shy away from cause marketing, feeling the more obvious not-for-profits offer little benefit to the law firm when efforts to team up are undertaken. Perhaps the goal is to dig a little deeper when looking for a not-for-profit to team up with. Look around your immediate community first, looking for a not-for-profit which could benefit from marketing which generates awareness while creating goodwill between the law firm and the community.

At Law Father, we have extensive experience designing and promoting cause marketing campaigns for our clients. We use a variety of strategies to bolster sales, improve brand reputation and expand public relations for you and your firm. Let us show you why our own clients keep recommending Law Father. Contact us today to discuss how Law Father can take your law firm to the top. Get a free initial consultation by calling 1(800) 325-7715.



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