With the abundance of attorneys out there for every type of service, what can you do to make an instant and meaningful impression on potential clients? It’s not enough to simply know all the right keywords just to stay at the top of an internet search for your particular field of expertise. To stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other attorneys and law firms out there looking to land new clients, you have to have something of value to say once you get a reader’s attention.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression “Content is King”. Yet content is so much more than just king. Your online content is a direct representation of your firm. Weak content or content that is riddled with spelling errors conveys shortcomings on your part–a lack of intelligence or experience, etc. When potential clients are searching for an attorney, they are also searching for assurance. Assurance that their needs will be met and that their issues will be resolved. They want to know that YOU understand what is important to them, and that YOU are the person who can help them. Quality content gives readers that assurance by demonstrating that you not only have the knowledge and skills to accomplish those goals, but that you also understand their needs and the issues that are most important to them.

Search Engines LOVE Great Content

Quality content is viewed favorably by today’s more complex search engines, which can distinguish between content with strategically placed keywords and material that is readable and informative. Yet too many legal marketing companies place a wrong emphasis on keyword stuffing that is not only outdated, but also not likely to convert web searchers into clients. Keyword stuffing is unnatural and is detrimental to building trust with your clients. Your content must be written with the client in mind—not the search engines.

Good Content Accelerates Link Building

Worthwhile content also facilitates link building. As important as search engines are, inbound links can provide your website with a significant amount of traffic. Bloggers and webmasters will be more likely to link to your pages if they are filled with pertinent, reliable information. These links help to substantiate your firm as an expert in your field, and because search engines place significant value on links, your site will be rewarded with higher rankings.

Good Content will be Shared

Content that is functional and beneficial to readers is more likely to be “favorited” and added to social bookmarking sites. Catchy headlines and articles or blog posts filled with pertinent information will be rewarded with more votes, making your article more visible on these sites, which translates into more traffic for your website.

Good Content Keeps them Coming Back for More

Valuable content will also encourage more subsequent visits from your readers. Recent blog posts or timely stories about things going on in your area of expertise will engage readers and keep them checking in for more and talking to their friends.

Content Written with Your Clients in Mind is Good Content

Unfortunately, too many law firms and legal marketing companies build content strictly around search engine optimization. While that is certainly part of the puzzle, it is not what is most valuable to your reader—or to potential clients. Injured accident victims or divorcing couples want answers to their problems. They want to read about how to save for college after a divorce or how to care for a loved one after a traumatic brain injury. When you provide them with valuable content that addresses their needs and problems, you are building trust and establishing yourself as the lawyer to call.

Why You Need a Professional Legal Content Writer

Not just any writer can write legal articles, blogs, and press releases that are both optimized for search engines and engaging to potential clients and readers alike. If you want your website and blog to begin converting web traffic into clients, then you need a professional legal content writer with an experienced legal marketing company in your corner. Your legal content writer will be able to help you find the online voice that is best for you and your firm and build an online presence that showcases what is best about your firm. This allows you to focus on your clients—not your website.

The power of quality site content should never be underestimated. When readers are impressed with the quality of your content, they become frequent visitors. Frequent visitors are more likely to become clients, and satisfied clients will recommend your services to their family and friends.


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