Google Just Made it Nearly Impossible for Clients to Find YOUR Local Firm

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When someone needs an attorney – how will they find you? It is estimated that 3 out of every 4 people looking for legal help will use online resources like Google to choose their attorney. Yet, Google just made it nearly impossible for anyone to find YOUR law firm. If your law firm has more than 3 competitors in your area – Google probably won’t help you attract anymore new clients.

In the past, one of the ways law firms could attract visitors to their website was through Google’s local pack. This local pack listed 7 local businesses that Google ranked based on a combination of factors that included the web searchers proximity to the business, the number of client reviews in the Google business listing, the strength of an organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program, and the number of business citations available from other business directories. Small businesses could still be ranked highly in the local pack – even when they didn’t have the same exorbitant marketing budget that large firms did to appear through pay-per-click. Even websites that had been penalized by recent Google Panda or Penguin updates could still show up in the local pack, sending significant online traffic their way.

Yet, in August 2015, EVERYTHING changed.

Google reduced the local pack – from 7 listings to just 3 listings. This was an effort to make the local pack more mobile friendly, but it drastically reduced the amount of online traffic local businesses could receive. If you have more than 3 competitors, you could find yourself completely booted OFF the local pack – making it virtually impossible for anyone to find your business online.

If you own a small to medium-size boutique law firm, chances are you relied on the local pack listing to attract clients. Without that listing, how will you bring in business and how will you find new client leads?

Even if you are lucky enough to still rank in the top 3 on Google’s local pack, the online traffic you may have been enjoying will still be drastically reduced. In addition to reducing the local pack, Google ALSO changed the information it displays for the local attorney listings. The top 3 listings no longer have a website link, a phone number or Google+ page visibility. It will take the average consumer 3 clicks to find a meaningful result – like your law firm’s website.

Law Father Offers Impressive Solutions to Google Frustrations

Fortunately, Law Father has found a way around Google and their local listings shake-up – FOR GOOD. No matter the changes Google has made through the years (or will continue to make into the future), our clients still enjoy consistent online traffic and new client leads.

Law Father has developed a powerful and proven alternative to traditional search engine optimization (SEO) that includes the use of remarketing, social media, and exciting video opportunities. We’ve thrown Google out the window – and the results speak for themselves.

Are you tired of changing your website every time Google makes an algorithm change? Are you tired of just hoping that the phone will ring? If so – we’ve got the solution. We can show you a whole new way to market your law firm. Contact Law Father today and break free from the shackles of Google forever.


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