organic and paid search returnsIf your boutique law firm is spending thousands of dollars for Google PPC ad campaigns – chances are you’re no longer getting what you thought you were paying for.

In February Google removed the entire right side column of PPC advertisements, instantly wiping out a large portion of marketing real estate. And what happens when supply goes down and demand goes up? PRICES GO THROUGH THE ROOF! AND GOOGLE KNOWS IT.

A recent study uncovered that of Google’s top 100 most expensive PPC keywords, 67 are law firm related! And even worse, the top 10 law firm keywords average $540.00 per click. PER CLICK! That’s not a client or even a call. That’s just a click to your website! Are you really willing to spend thousands of dollars a month so that a couple people can view your website?

Quality Focused Boutique Law Firms are Getting Pushed Out by Big Advertisers

For years Google was a great way to advertise your law firm and get new clients. The work required to show up in organic search returns and PPC campaigns was a good investment. But today, Google relies on a bidding system that pits big advertising law firms against small- and medium-sized boutique firms, making it impossible for quality focused attorneys to compete online. What’s worse is that Google now allows national lawyer directories to take up 50% of the space local law firms used to occupy in the search returns (more on that in another article).

Unfortunately, Google’s recent PPC ad space reduction isn’t about making Google a better place for consumers. It’s about making Google more money. And they certainly will, as competition gets even fiercer. If you’re a quality focused firm with a reasonable marketing budget – GOOGLE PPC IS DEAD – it’s no longer an option for driving a predicable number of clients to your law firm.

Good Thing for You Law Father Saw This Coming

For years, Law Father has stayed in front of our competitors, working fast to combat Google PPC and algorithmic changes. As a result, we have weathered many storms and continued to consistently deliver new clients to our law firms. So, despite Google’s best efforts to extort cash from lawyers, we’ve worked hard to not be dependent on them. Because of this, Law Father clients have enjoyed consistent online traffic and leads even after Google made it impossible for them to compete.

Law Father has developed a powerful platform and proven alternatives that take full advantage of the real opportunities that exist to drive potential clients to your law firm.

If you’re ready to stop feeding Google and start feeding yourself, reach out to Law Father today. Call us at 720.420.4931 or visit us online at


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