law-father-agency-logoLaw Father has created a local news team to compile and distribute high-quality, relevant, and engaging stories online, to the public, and to the press. We are deploying writers and videographers to cover breaking news events that relate to our legal community’s practice areas. We will also be developing and publicizing stories related to your specific cases.

The purpose of this new emphasis is to engage the public and the press in a consistent and meaningful way. We want our community of attorneys to have a noticeable presence within the news stories that effect their clients and their law firms. We also want to see a greater diversify of perspectives than what is currently covered.

To provide the most relevant and accurate content, we will be relying on your expertise. So we hope you will accept any call you may receive from our writers. We also hope or that you will accept an invitation from time to time to speak on camera, either in your office or at our studio. We promise to always have a very specific question to ask and to only take five to ten minutes of your time.

We would also be very interested to hear about the cases you are working on and about opportunities to bring them to the attention of the public or the press. If you are working up a case that you believe is news worthy, please let us know. We would also like to know about any settlements or verdicts you could share.

If you have any questions, comments, or news items you would like to share, please submit your ideas through our contact form.


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