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The Fastest Way to Drive the Best Internet Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website

We know you work hard for your money. And you have earned the right to a quick return on your marketing investments. But you have probably learned the hard way that traditional law firm SEO programs are no-longer a guaranteed ticket to new client calls. So how come Law Father SEO clients are able to continue to receive leads from the internet while their competitors’ leads are drying up? It is because Law Father has thrown “traditional SEO” out the car window! Law Father’s Law Firm Fast Lane is a totally re-conceptualized approach to online marketing that drives immediate traffic to your law firm’s website.

The Law Father Difference is Inbound Marketing

“Inbound Marketing proves your law firm’s expertise by engaging more potential clients in conversations that matter to them.” 

Our program works because we have an expert understanding of what matters: Qualified Traffic. Sending internet traffic to a website is easy, but sending Qualified Traffic to a website takes real expertise. Qualified Traffic refers to people online who are actually interested in your services. With nearly 10 years of online marketing experience, Law Father understands who your potential clients are and how to reach them in the places they hangout on the web.

Traditional SEO programs are reliant on waiting for people to find you. The Law Firm Fast Lane program targets potential clients before they have had a chance to start looking for another lawyer online.

Get a no-pressure consultation from an online marketing expert (not a salesman) right now. Call (720) 420-4931 or toll-free at (800) 325-7715. You may also contact Law Father through the contact form provided on this webpage.

Law Firm Fast Lane FAQs:

What is meant by ‘On Page SEO’ and how does it benefit my law firm?

When content is generated on your behalf it needs to be posted appropriately into the structure of your website. Once the content is posted, the page, content, code and internal linking structure needs to be optimized in such a way as to communicate to Google and the other search engines exactly what the page is about. On-page SEO allows your webpage to receive the highest possible ranking, as quickly as possible, for any search terms related to the content. A failure to do this may mean nobody will find your content, and the cost for its development is wasted. For both new content and preexisting content, our SEO experts will comb through your website and identify the best opportunities to rank your site higher in the search returns.

What’s the difference between a Blog Post and a Practice Area Page?

Blog Posts are articles that speak to current events related to the law and/or specifically your practice areas. The frequent updating of your site’s content through a blog proves to potential clients that your law firm is staying on top of current and related events, and sends signals to the search engines telling them that your site is a reputable source for regular, current legal information.

Practice Area Pages are timeless, informative pages that let potential clients know exactly what areas of the law your firm has expertise in. Our experience has shown that people search for content that is specific to the legal issues they are having. As we continue to breakout practice area content into more and more specific pages (i.e. ‘premises liability’ or ‘car accident injuries’) we have better opportunities to reach more people searching for your expertise online.

What if I would like more content (blog posts, practice area pages, etc.) posted to my website?

If you are signed up for one of our Law Firm Fast Lane packages it is possible to purchase extra content for $250.00 per post. This includes the writing of the content, graphics, on-page optimization, and posting to all social media outlets. It has been our experience that, while regularly posting content does have a beneficial effect on organic search rankings, it isn’t enough to consistently draw potential clients to your website. The real benefit comes from promoting that content through social media and pay-per click channels, in order to push people to your site and to stay at the top of their minds for when they are actively looking for legal services.

Can you write press releases for my law firm?

Yes, we would love to write a press release for you. Press releases are charged hourly and are dependent upon what is required for writing, research, and distribution.

I want to create an online presence and be active on social media but don’t have the time to manage such a campaign. Can you post to the social media outlets on my behalf and manage my profiles?

At Law Father we recognize the power of social media as a crucial marketing channel. This is why our social media marketing program is included in all three of our packages. This will include designing your social profiles so that they look professional and current, posting content to your profiles, and creating and managing advertising campaigns with our Paid Social Media programs.

How is paid social marketing different from traditional social marketing?

Traditional social marketing still creates a very valid opportunity to connect with potential clients online through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. However, in a traditional social marketing campaign the people you reach are generally the people your law firm already has some sort of relationship with. Paid social networking programs allow us to actively pursue new potential clients who would have otherwise never learned about your law firm. We are able to do this by creating specific demographic profiles of potential clients, and then paying the social media networks to put your call-to-action messages right in front of them.

What is Google Pay-Per-Click?

Google Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, gives us one more opportunity to reach your potential clients as they search for information on legal issues through Google search. Google PPC marketing refers to purchasing ads on your behalf that appear along the top and side of the Google search returns. This means that your message gets out in front of potential clients at the very time that they are actively searching for the exact services you provide. Law Father is a proud Google Agency Partner which allows us to put the benefits of that partnership to work for you.

What if I’m currently working with a different marketing company, can I sign up for one of your packages as well?

Yes, but in all likelihood we will need certain permissions from your website host and administrator.

How do you “capture” an audience?

Law Father uses relevant demographic information to identify and target an audience. Members of that audience who express an interest in your law firm are then automatically entered into a remarketing program. Remarketing allows Law Father to continue to serve this audience relevant and informative marketing messages as they visit other websites and online networks.

How are you able to accurately estimate the amount of traffic that will come to my website?

Estimated traffic numbers are based on nearly a decade of experience running targeted marketing campaigns for attorneys. While it is impossible to estimate traffic with 100% certainty, we have seen time and again that certain efforts made have quantifiable and expected baseline results. This experience allows us to generate minimum estimated traffic numbers that you can have 100% confidence in.

Why do some of your packages require 12-month commitments?

You can actually negate your organic search engine rankings by continually starting and stopping an SEO program. What is important to search engines is a consistent online marketing program deployed over time. Being consistent sends regular positive signals to the search engines, communicating to them that your website is a frequently updated resource that should not be overlooked. Also, depending on your previous SEO programs, current keyword rankings, and visibility, it often takes a few months for changes in the way your firm practices SEO and online marketing to affect how and where your website shows up in the search engine returns.

Why don’t you require a long-term contract for your top tier package?

Our high value package is completely comprehensive. The volume of work that Law Father does on your behalf, and the volume of website traffic generated by these efforts should have an immediate impact on your law firm’s potential client call rate. Because the results of this package are so immediate Law Father feels no need to caution your firm about the possible build up time for ROI required by less aggressive marketing packages.

What do you mean by ‘Exclusivity’?

If your law firm is seeking to dominate a specific market, we are happy to offer exclusivity. What this means is that we will refuse to work with any other law firm in your geographic area and within your practice area, while we are in an agreement with you. Exclusivity allows us to give 100% of our creative energy and competitive advantage to those firms that truly want an exclusive and exceptional web-marketing partner.

Who will be answering the live chats?

Our customer service partners answer your chats 24-hours a day. Our chat agents are versed in most of the language of the law, and understand why consumers search for an attorney online. They know never to offer legal advice. Rather, they are trained to answer initial questions, set appointments, schedule follow-up calls, and most importantly, collect contact information and permission that allows your law firm to call the potential clients back.

What are live chats and what happens if I go over my allotted live chats for a single month?

Live chats are real-time question and answer sessions initiated by people visiting your website and answered by a Law Father customer service partner. If you exceed your allotted number of live chats for a given month you will be charged $12.00 per additional qualified chat. Also note that that you will receive a credit for any chat that is not qualified – that is, outside the scope of your practice area or geography. To receive your credit you will need to email those chat transcripts to us before the end of the billing month that the chat occurred in. Please put “Chat Credit Request” in the subject line of that chat transcript’s email.

What if I want custom videos made of our firm?

That’s awesome! We produce custom videos all the time. Here’s a link to one of our recent custom videos. The additional costs for custom videos are charged at $250.00 per hour of on-site shoot time and editing, plus travel costs. On average, clients pay an additional $3600.00 for custom videos. Depending on how much footage we can capture during the shoot, this could translate to enough footage to create multiple custom videos for your law firm. Our videography team consists of experienced, passionate professionals who are accustomed to working within time constraints to achieve the captivating video results.

How does having video on my law firm’s website help?

Adding video to your website and promoting it through the social media networks improves the user experience and the organic ranking of your website. Video sends positive signals to search engines that you have taken extra steps to really educate consumers. Video also keeps people on your website longer, which tells search engines that users are having a great experience on your website.



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