Your Law Firm’s Website Will Probably Never Rank #1 on Google – And It Really Doesn’t Matter

organic and paid search returnsA lot of attorneys still believe that if their law firm could just rank #1 on Google they would finally start raking in the big cases and the big money. The truth is that it’s more unlikely now than ever before that your website will ever achieve a #1 ranking. So why do law firm SEO companies still keep claim that an organic SEO program should be your number one priority? The answer is easy – your ignorance and their bonuses. They know that good lawyers are focused on their clients – not online marketing strategies. They also know that once you’re locked in to a 2-year agreement, there’s not much you can do to get out – even if they’re not on top of crucial  developments in online marketing. Your auto-debit is going to keep rolling in no matter how ineffective your online marketing!

Traditional SEO Companies are not Going to Help You Out and Neither will Google. 

Why: Because Google makes their money through PPC ad campaigns. The harder it is to rank #1 on Google – the more likely you are to pay BIG BUCKS to advertise on Google. It’s that simple. That’s why, despite spending thousands of dollars writing page after page of content for your website and blog, buying backlinks, and paying for “SEO” – you still haven’t achieved top ranking on Google.


Any glimmer of hope there may have been in early 2015 was wiped out in August of that year. Google changed their algorithms again – and immediately, large national lawyer directories shot to the top of the search returns. This Google update effectively pushed most small to medium-size boutique law firms out to page two – making it impossible for them to compete through traditional SEO programs. Just have a look for yourself. Search any city in Google and add “…personal injury attorney” to your search string. You’re probably seeing at least 4-5 big national directories crowding out local law firms on page one of the search returns. 

“If you build it…they will come.” – NOT ANYMORE

For years, organic SEO traffic was the key to any law firm’s online success. Law firms that allocated their resources to building blog and website content built an impressive site that quickly gained traction in Google. While not an overnight success, law firms could see their websites moving up the Google rankings as long as their site was aggressively adding content and search engine optimized. The law firms that were displayed on the first page of Google spent their online advertising budgets on content development, video development, backlink building, Google webmaster tools “best practices” code modifications. Google rewarded this quality content with first page listings. But not anymore. Even a first page listing no longer has the power it used to.

It is estimated that 80% of all online traffic is distributed through the top 10 listings (20% goes to paid ads), and that most people never even go to the second page of a search. Of all of this visitors, here’s how the top listings are rewarded: The number one organic position captures 33% of all online traffic, the second organic position captures just 18%, and the 3rd position captures just 11%. If you’re in position number 5 (the top half of the search returns!) you’re only getting 5% of the traffic. That’s just not enough web visits to generate sustainable online leads.

This means that in order to generate real significant traffic organically from Google search returns, your law firm must be in the top three organic listings.

Unfortunately, Google just eliminated this opportunity for many law firms in August. The result was a significant narrowing of the organic opportunities for local law firms – despite their best SEO efforts.

Penguin…Panda….It Makes NO Difference

Whenever Google rolls out an update – whether its penguin or panda – law firm websites have suffered. Virtually overnight, your site takes a hit – often dropping in the rankings and out of competition. The result: months of higher marketing prices with little to no client lead generation. Your law firm’s future is at the mercy of Google and that’s not fair.

Luckily, Law Father has found a way around Google and their algorithms – FOR GOOD. As a result, our clients have enjoyed consistent online traffic and leads – delivering #1 results without a dependence on Google.

Law Father has developed a powerful and proven alternative to blogs that includes the use of remarketing, as well as innovative social and video opportunities. We’ve thrown traditional SEO marketing concepts out the window – and broken free from Google’s SEO rollercoaster ride. The results are impossible to ignore.

If you’re tired of revamping your website, ordering more content, and crossing your fingers that the phone will ring – then now is the time to act. We can show you a whole new way to market your law firm. Contact Law Father today and break free from the limitations of Google for good.


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