Television Marketing for Law Firms

For many years, attorneys who advertised through television were secretly considered ambulance chasers—just a shade less than professional. Today, however, television ads are an extremely important component of a law firm’s total advertising budget. And, while television advertising can provide a significant return on your investment, it is important that you consider the overall picture, including message, production, station and budget. Before you consider television marketing, you will need to answer the following questions:

  • Have you identified your target audience? (This includes knowing where that target audience lives, what they do in their spare time, how and where they get their news, and how they spend their days).
  • Does the television station you have chosen mesh with your target audience?
  • Does the television station you have chosen mesh with your law firm’s brand?
  • Can you deliver a compelling message in 15, 30 or 60 seconds?
  • Can you give consumers a reason to act within those same time frames?
  • Do you have the financial resources to reach an appropriate number of prospective clients?

At Law Father our digital and creative team will analyze your market to write, produce, and put into motion a TV advertising campaign that will bring you new cases. We offer our clients full service television advertising built on unique strategy and vision. Our creative marketing team is renowned for their out-of-the-box thinking and production values. We can take your law firm to the next level with a customized television and video marketing campaign.

Key Benefits Law Firms Can Receive from Television Advertising

Some of the primary benefits your law firm can garner from advertising on television include the following:

  • Your firm can reach a much broader audience, helping bolster your brand identity;
  • You can reach a specific audience;
  • You can develop a specific advertisement which reaches your target audience;
  • You can unleash your creative side when crafting a unique message;
  • The more often your television ad runs, the more familiar your name will be to potential clients;
  • If your television advertisement is really great, those who were “fence-sitters” will be compelled by the advertisement to call immediately, and
  • You will reach a larger percentage of individuals in a short period of time.

Generate New Case Leads through Television Marketing 

It could be time for your law firm to consider television advertising as a means of building your client base and strengthening your brand. All new Law Father television marketing campaigns are designed to build your brand and showcase your law firm.

Let us show you why our own clients keep recommending Law Father. Contact us today to discuss how Law Father can take the worry out of television marketing! Get a free initial consultation by calling 1(800) 325-7715.



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