google agency partner logoLaw firms seeking to attract new clients should consider making pay per click marketing a part of their overall marketing budget. There are growing and significant opportunities within this marketing arena that are worth looking into. When managed properly, a PPC marketing platform works extraordinarily well and provides users with significant benefits. One of the biggest advantages of PPC advertising for law firms is that it is the fastest way to direct traffic to your site.

The following are some benefits of adding PPC marketing to your firms advertising campaign.


  • You have the ability to design and control your advertising campaign to meet your business needs.
  • You can even choose to create a seasonal campaign which would only appear over a certain period.
  • PPC also allows you to track the performance of your PPC campaign.


  • PPC allows you to target your ads so they only appear to qualified customers or clients.
  • It also includes language targeting, location targeting, and demographic targeting by age and gender.
  • You can also target by time of day or by the day of the week.


  • PPC ads compensate for a business or firm which doesn’t normally place in the top page rankings.
  • It also helps build a websites natural search ranking by directing interest to the site while it develops its online reputation.

Instant Results

  • PPC results in your ads getting placed instantly.
  • This also results in getting more leads much faster than other search engine optimization methods.
  • You can track the success and failure of every aspect of your campaign, allowing you to ensure your PPC campaign remains effective and efficient.

The above mentioned benefits are simply a few of the advantages of implementing a PPC strategy. PPC ads can put your law firm on the first page of a given search result, which is great for those firms which are struggling to be seen in a crowded marketplace. It also allows you to hone in on the audience that is most likely to turn a click into a conversation.


taussigPlease keep in mind, PPC is the quicker, faster way to get your ads to prospective clients. However, you will need to have plenty of funding for this type of campaign. Simply put, per click can end up costing you $10,000+ per month. On the other hand, with organic search engine optimization, you might only spend a couple thousand per month. In the long run, with an SEO strategy, traffic costs much less per visitor.  The difference is that with organic SEO you may have to wait an average of 6-12 month to really see results. Therefore, if you plan on having your firm around in the distant future, it would be wise to employ a long-term strategy by utilizing both PPC and organic SEO advertising.

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