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columns and roof of courthouse from below | Mass Tort Marketing | Product Recall AdvertisingWe’ve all seen product recall advertising, and television commercials for mass torts. In fact, mass tort marketing is huge in today’s legal industry, as improper manufacturing and/or marketing of prescription drugs and medical devices continues to increase. Pharmaceutical companies have extremely deep pockets, and attorneys who specialize in mass torts and product recalls have a chance to be a part of a highly profitable niche, so long as their advertising campaign reflects their commitment to the mass tort.

How Many People are Killed or Injured in Mass-Tort-Related Events?

Product liability definitely dominates multi-party litigation, however mass torts go beyond dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. Airplane and train wrecks, data security breaches, asbestos-related cases, large fires with mass casualties, and even employment claims with a large number of plaintiffs can all fall under mass torts. Some estimates place the number of people killed or seriously injured in mass-tort-related events between two and four million annually.

The Economics of Mass Tort Litigation

Even if your law firm does not specialize in mass torts, it can be hard to look away when a really viable mass tort case comes your way, simply from an economic viewpoint. Since you will be basically filing one claim on behalf of multiple plaintiffs, the math is definitely in your favor. Should your firm deal in mass torts and product recalls, there must be a viable way to get that message out to potential clients. Your website and blog are solid advertising avenues, however television advertising may be the most effective when you are talking mass torts.

Issues to Consider Regarding Mass Torts and Product Recalls

The rule of seven says it takes at least seven times of a person seeing (and hearing) an advertisement for it to become embedded in their mind. This means that should the day come when a woman has been harmed by dangerous transvaginal mesh, or a patient has a blood clot from an IVC filter, the first name they think of should be the name of your law firm. There are several issues to think about when considering advertising for mass torts and product recalls, including:

  • The first phase of a mass tort or product recall is awareness of the issue—the time when it becomes public knowledge that a product is dangerous and has caused serious injury or death to consumers. Although targeted advertising for your law firm is crucial, you will likely also benefit from any advertising regarding the mass tort issue.
  • Once an MDL (multi-district litigation) is formed and bellwether trials are set, your advertising can focus more on the outcome of the bellwether trials.
  • Likewise, once a bellwether trial results in a large settlement, or once a defendant establishes a settlement fund, your advertising will reflect these occurrences, and your marketing will be built around such settlements.

Timing for Mass Tort Marketing Strategies

Timing is everything with mass torts, and your marketing strategies must be timely—actually, they must be cutting-edge timewise, meaning your advertising “breaks” the story before it is widely known by consumers. If your firm is in the process of kicking off a mass tort campaign, television ads can level the playing field between your firm and your largest competitors, so don’t wait, rather move quickly in your mass tort advertising.

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