attorney search engine optimizationIf a picture is worth a thousand words, what are marketing images saying about your firm? A powerful tool for shaping the impressions of potential clients lies in the choice between stock art vs. law firm photography.

Images are unparalleled in their ability to convey large amounts of information quickly, with strong emotional appeal. Deciding upon the source of those images, however, is like choosing the overall vocabulary that a given photo uses for its “thousand words”. That can make the difference between unforgettable or bland, between potential clients making appointments or being lost to competing firms.

Stock Art…The Hidden Costs of “Cheap” and “Easy”

Perhaps it was due to rapidly approaching deadlines. Maybe it was inordinate fear spawned by limited budgets. Or it could even simply be a matter of perceived ease and simplicity. Whatever the reasons, the use of stock art has become a major source of marketing images. The long-term results, however, could spell disaster for your law office.

  • Loss of Value. Value is far more than up-front dollar signs. Stock images are generic. As such, all of those initial “savings” quickly evaporate in the form of lost personal connections that cause potential clients to leave your website.
  • Lack of Originality. Producers of stock art focus on churning out the largest number of images, usable by the widest audience possible. Imagine if a grocery store only sold generic items, packaged in all white with plain black print.
  • Destructive to Reputations. Imagine being one who noticed when Dell, Gateway, and Samsung all used the same stock image in their back-to-school advertising. Public humiliation and ridicule, rather than profits and customer loyalty, are what such practices reap.

Build a Relationship with a Great Local Law Firm Photographer

As in any relationship, communication between a client and a law office should be clear, honest, and individualized. That should go for your photographer as well. Explain to him or her what is important to you and what you want to convey in your images.

  • Unique. Your firm stands alone in it’s unique identity and what it has to offer potential clients. The pictures used to communicate with the public should be just as one-of-a-kind. Clients want a relationship with you, not an entire generic profession.
  • Honest. Real images of real staff, actual happy clients, and backgrounds that can be visited are what bring transparency to a firm’s professional image. Inspire familiarity that can be trusted!
  • Media-friendly. Magazines, newspapers, and other news media won’t use stock images in their reporting. Help harness the influence of these outlets by being able to provide them unique, individualized images relevant to their legal related news stories.

travis luther denver law fatherA picture very well could be worth a thousand words. By utilizing real law firm photography, you could put each and every one of those “thousand words” to effective use for your law office. Your reputation is too valuable to trust to generic stock. If you are thinking about a new web design, our law firm photographers would be happy to work with you to create something truly unique.  Contact Law Father’s web design team today!


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