TrialLine, the legal case timeline tool created by LawFather, was made specifically for attorneys and law firms. But because of it’s many features, it’s also a powerful tool for displaying any information that needs to be organized along a timeline.

Visuals are more important than ever to the way we communicate, and since TrialLine is highly customizable, you can tailor your timeline to whatever your visual needs may be. You can set a captivating, informative image or video as the background for your timeline, and you can assign specific images to each individual event.

TrialLine also allows you to attach specific documents to each event, which makes it easy to provide supporting documentation as needed. For maximum impact, you can also attach video files that can be played right there in the TrialLine, so there’s no time spent waiting as your browser navigates to a URL on YouTube or Vimeo.

As an example, took at look at this TrialLine we created based on an article by’s editor Jeremy Stahl, in which he lays out all of the different times members of the Trump administration have denied any collusion with Russia:

News timeline made using TrialLine, based on an original article by Jeremy Stahl from

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