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It’s "Webtember" at Law Father! For September, we’re rolling out some of our biggest savings yet. THAT'S WHY WE CAN ONLY OFFER THIS PRICE TO THE FIRST 10 ATTORNEYS WHO RESPOND. What is Webtember, you ask? Webtember is our biggest annual website redesign sale. It only happens once a year, in the month of September. Time for a redesign? Then it's time for big savings. How about $3,590.00 off to start?

Save $3,590.00 on a New Website


Is your website driving traffic AWAY from your law firm?

Your law firm's website is your online reputation. What does yours say about you and your firm? Is your website old and outdated? Does it showcase your talents and promote you as an expert in your field? If not – we can help!

The Internet is the first place people go when deciding on which law firm will represent them. The wrong website design can have a significant impact on your ability to attract clients and increase your caseload. It might seem simple, but if you want more clients, the first step any law firm needs to make is to have a professional and visually appealing website design.

Imagine for a moment, what your current website looks like to potential clients. Are they underwhelmed or blown away by what they see? Do your graphics and videos make them interested in learning more about you? Or have they already formed the wrong opinion about you and your firm?

What you get in Webtember

Webtember Benefits

  • One Customized Website Design
  • Wordpress Custom Coding (manage your own content)
  • 5 FREE Pages of New Custom Content ($1,250 value)
  • 2 FREE Custom Practice Area Videos ($1,000 value)
  • Free Transfer of Current Website Content ($500 value)
  • 1 FREE Year of Website Hosting ($840 value)

Just 3 monthly payments of $1,967.00!
Get a new website for $9,490.00 $5,900.00!

With a $9,490 value, clients will receive a brand new website for $5,900. You can choose to pay up front or take advantage of our monthly payment plan of only 3 payments of $1,967 in September, October, and November. Your website will be ready to roll out on January 1, 2017 - so you can start the new year off in style!

Additional Benefits

  • Decrease Your 2016 Tax Burden
  • Improve Your Online Reputation
  • Customized Website - No Cookie Cutter Sites!
  • Consistent Brand Identity
  • Reliable Partnership for Future Updates
  • Easy Payment Plan
  • $3,590 in Savings

Don't Be Like Bob

Take Jenny and her brother for example:

When Jenny's brother was seriously injured in a car accident, Jenny needed to find a lawyer quickly. Her best friend and several of her colleagues recommended Attorney Bob, one of the best personal injury lawyers in the area. She immediately grabbed her phone and looked him up to learn more about him and his practice. But when she looked up Bob's website, it loaded very slowly and was difficult to read. After a minute or two of trying to navigate around his site, she got frustrated and asked herself, "Why did Attorney Bob come so highly recommended?” He didn't look very professional to her – and she doubted he would be able to win her brother's case.

In the end, Jenny chose a lawyer that day…but it was not Bob. The attorney she did choose had a professional looking website that loaded quickly and was full of engaging content. His website made it easy for Jenny to get the information she needed – when she needed it.

Don't be like Bob!

If your website is outdated, using old technology, or simply not visually appealing, you are sending the wrong signals to potential clients – especially those in younger generations. After all, if you are not up-to-date with current technology and trends, how can you possibly help them in the courtroom? Sadly, law firms that are not up-to-date are quickly being left behind by younger law firms that are taking full advantage of the digital age.

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