law father google + pageWhen choosing a social media network to advertise your law firm, the most important factor to consider are the audience demographics. Put simply, you don’t want to put out great content for an audience that will probably not be interested in your services. That’s no different for Google+, a relatively young social media network that’s quickly gaining steam among digital marketers. Who is Using Google +? Let’s find out.

The Hard Facts

Google+ has the highest concentration of males among any social media network, with estimates ranging from 62 to 70 percent. The average user is 28 years old, considerably younger than Facebook (38) but older than Twitter and Instagram. In other words, the audience on Google+ skews male and is relatively young.

But where do they stand in terms of interests and affluence? And early study found that the dominating persona on Google+ are young, affluent, tech-savvy adults. In the three years since, the average audience age has risen as noted above, but the emphasis on tech-savvy users has remained: now, the most common careers of its audience are engineering, software and design industries. Similarly, audience affluence has remained high: according to a 2013 study, Google+ had the highest affluence rating of its user base, with no less than 30 percent earning over $100,000 per year and only 20 percent earning less than $30,000.

Those last two facts are crucial: in both, the network beats out LinkedIn, widely considered to be the most “professional” of all social media networks. That, in combination with an average age of 28 years, is significant for any law firm looking to utilize Google+ for its marketing.

What does that mean for Law Firms?

How are these demographics significant for your law firm? First, it is no surprise that more affluent consumers are more likely to hire law firms to protect their families and their assets. Second, tech-savvy individuals have been shown to have a higher interest in ‘serious’ topics on social media, looking for tangible information over spam. In other words, they will be less likely to scroll past your Google+ post simply because it doesn’t contain a funny video or meme.

Third, the average age suggests that you will market to an audience old enough to realize the importance of your services, but not too old to already a relationship with another law firm.

google agency partner logoIn short, Google+’s audience demographics are unique among social media networks and make it a great tool to market your law firm. Contact us today for a consultation on how to get started!

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