Woman holding smart phone with the new website of Northglenn personal injury attorneys Hull & Zimmerman, P.C. on the screen | Mobile-Friendly Attorney Websites Are Now a Necessity, Not an Option

If your website is still not mobile responsive – you are losing valuable client leads each and every day. When a potential client accesses your current website from a cell phone, are they presented with an abbreviated mobile app, lacking any significant message about your firm? Or are they met with a clean, sleek, mobile website that is just as rich and robust as your traditional website? 

For many users, lack of a mobile responsive website is frustrating. It feels outdated and makes your law firm seem antiquated. The result? Potential clients move on to other law firms and you’re left wondering why your website doesn’t attract new clients!

Mobile-friendly attorney websites or no longer an option – they’re a priority. Why? An increasing number of consumers are searching the web with their smartphones. Law firms that have not embraced this technology are being left behind in the dust. In fact, according to a recent Google study, in 2015, U.S. searches on mobile devices surpassed desktop searches. Shockingly, at least 65% of all consumers start searching for information on a smartphone. This doesn’t include the numerous searches done on tablets! This is why law firms MUST take a “Mobile First” approach when designing and constructing their new website. And why they must throw their old website to the curb now.

Still not convinced? Here are some interesting mobile related statistics

  • More than 6.8 billion people use mobile phones – that’s roughly 87% of the World’s population
  • 80% of Internet users own a smartphone
  • Google research shows that 72% of consumers want mobile-friendly sites)
  • 67% of consumers are more than willing to use a service or sign up for more information on a mobile-friendly site
  • Mobile searches often result in immediate action – up to 70% of mobile searches result in action being taken within an hour

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What Can You Do Now?

There is one easy step you can take now to determine how mobile searches are affecting your bottom line and your firm’s success. Google offers a free mobile checker tool. All you have to do is visit the Google Mobile Checker Tool and put in your website information. Within seconds you will receive an analysis letting you know how mobile friendly your website really is.

If your website is NOT mobile friendly, we can help. At LawFather, we can help you redesign your website to showcase your law firm in a whole new light AND make it mobile friendly at the same time. It’s 2016 – your website should feel fresh and exciting to visitors. It should stand out of the crowd. Your website needs a stronger call to action that tells people right away why your law firm is different from all the others. A bolder approach will cut through the clutter on the Internet. It will speak to your potential clients’ real problem with a more impactful message, solidifying you as someone who they can trust.

Recently, we finished a website redesign for Northern Colorado personal injury attorneys, Hull & Zimmerman. We think it has a bold look, branding them instantly as hard-hitting attorneys that will be instantly in your corner after an accident. See for yourself at www.hullandzimmerman.com.

Take Advantage of Big Savings on a New Website Today

For a limited time, LawFather is offering a steep discount off of our normal website design price. Your law firm can get a new, custom designed, mobile-friendly website, coded for WordPress, for only $4999. That’s a $1000 off of our normal price of $5999. Call us today to learn more about how we can help put your website to work for you.

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