How do you know if you are choosing The Best Law Firm SEO Company? For many attorneys, understanding search engine optimization is not one of the primary functions of practicing ‘good law’. This is because most attorneys will tell you that they would much rather be focused on case development than online marketing. Focusing on the law and not the marketing means that law firms working to generate more clients from the internet will have to put their faith and online marketing dollars in the hands of professional search engine optimization companies. But faith and money should never be enough. Do not hire an SEO company based on faith alone. Do your due diligence and take into account the following variables as you work toward hiring the best law firm SEO company you can find. Print this page and use it as a check-list as you interview potential legal SEO companies. (Note:This list is no way intended to cover the over 200 variables search engines use to rank your legal website. It is a tool for you to use to make sure the SEO company you are considering hiring is prioritizing your SEO plan appropriately and is covering with you all of the most pressing search engine optimization concerns).

On-Page SEO:

_____ This law firm SEO company is familiar with my current design platform and content management system (i.e. HTML 5, WordPress, PHP) and has the technical expertise needed to make updates and additions.

_____ I do not have a website, but this company is proposing a site design and content development plan that creates a domain, email server, website, and original content wholly owned by me and always within my control.

_____ This SEO company has started by evaluating my current site for technical integrity, making sure my current content is being appropriately indexed by the search engines.

_____ This company understands the relationship between my chosen keywords, my content, and my meta-data. They can make recommendations or improvements to help me rank higher for my specific keywords.

_____ This company has legal related media available (photos, videos, illustrations, etc.) for my individual web pages to help improve a user’s experience and keep a user engaged with my website longer.

_____ This company understands that mobile searches now make up over 50% of all searches. The company has a mobile application or CSS update available for my website.

_____ This company is conversion oriented and has design ideas on how to get more people who find my website to make contact with my law firm.

Competitive Analysis:

_____ This law firm SEO company clearly understands the kinds of cases I want to generate and the common keywords internet searchers use to find a law firm like mine online.

_____ This company clearly understands the specific geography I wish to target.

_____ This company is able to quickly identify my online competitors and name similar law firms I am familiar with online.

_____ This company is able to quickly make a surface assessment of my online competitors, providing me with competitors’ page rank, number of content pages, frequency of website updates, and back link profiles.

_____ Rather than quoting me general ‘package’ pricing, this company recommends a budget that is related to my law firm’s goals for growth and the current online competition within my practice areas and geography.

_____ This company has not promised overnight success. They have set realistic, longer-term expectations for a successful search engine optimization program.

_____ This company limits the number of clients they take in a specific practice area and geography. They increase my competitive advantage by decreasing the chance that I will have to compete with their other law firm SEO clients online.

Off-Page SEO:

_____ The blogs, articles, and back links placed on my behalf will be permanent. This material will not be lost or removed when my monthly SEO contract expires.

_____ The company understands what a “back link profile” is and can demonstrate the ability to place high-quality, relevant back links on my behalf while minimizing the risk of a creating a poor link profile.

_____ The company can demonstrate it’s knowledge of relevant social networks and articulate a plan for engaging consumers and increasing my website’s page rank through a social networking program.

_____ The company understands what “universal search” is and can provide relevant media that can give me multiple opportunities to be found for a single search in the search engines.

We hope this check-list serves as a valuable tool as you find the best law firm SEO company for your practice. As you work towards hiring a search engine optimization team, we would like you to consider an interview with Law Father. We will provide you a free website evaluation and provide you samples of our work. Just call us at (800) 325-7715 or email us through the contact form to the left of this page.

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